Apr 25

Old Becomes New

There is a new craze, or is it an old one, sweeping the plastic surgery industry. Acupuncture is an old practice, but it has become a new craze for individuals who want to gain energy and improve their look, to turn to acupuncture. While not everyone feels the same about acupuncture, one cannot deny that it seems to have some effect on how people feel and how they perceive themselves to look.

He places needles in precise locations on the face. “What we are trying to do is create a Micro-trauma under the skin to take advantage of the body’s natural healing process,” said Bernard.

“Just as your skin heals from a cut, to heal from these tiny needle sticks your body starts making more collagen, which fills in wrinkles.” Cosmetic acupuncture has another benefit too. According to Bernard, the procedure wakes up the nerve and gives a natural lifting effect.

The lines on your face can, according to this article, be smoothed out by utilizing acupuncture. This is apparently becoming more and more popular amongst those individuals who do not want to inject botox or go under the knife. Most plastic surgeons Ohio do not practice acupuncture, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere in the area. Ohio plastic surgeons have been recognized as respected professionals in their respective fields.

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