Jun 30

Not the Breast Idea

Calgary is awash with debate over this promotional content. The radio station is holding a contest, the prize for winning is a breast augmentation. If that isn’t controversial enough, in order to win you have to submit a picture of yourself and voters will rate you. There has been some debate over whether the advertisement and promotional contest are sexist.

The “Breast Summer Ever” contest, launched Monday by 90.3 Amp Radio, asks entrants to upload a photo of themselves and a statement about why they should win a free boob job valued at $10,000.

The top 10 finalists will be announced on July 7, and will then compete for online votes to win the grand prize.

Honestly, I’m sure the controversial nature of the promotion is exactly what the radio station had in mind when they created it. Several individuals in the article call it demeaning, but it’s also a contest you must enter in order to compete in–so it’s self selection. My question, do the plastic surgeons of Ohio find this sexist or wrong in any way? I would think Ohio plastic surgeons wouldn’t have a problem with it. The U.S. is known for edgy advertising.

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