May 27

Male Specialists

You can always count on the Wall Street Journal to do their homework and give you an article worth reading. Plastic surgeons Ohio have plenty to read about in their industry, but this is easily one of the most interesting pieces of literature I’ve perused over the last month or so. Females are generally understood to be the demographic of Ohio plastic surgeons, as well as the rest of the industry outside of Ohio too. However, the article points out that men are a growing prospective clientele.

While many men are looking to correct facial features such as sagging chins, wrinkles and droopy eyelids, men are also turning to cosmetic procedures for other parts of the body to achieve a trimmer and more masculine appearance.  For example, there was a 6% increase last year in the number of men who had surgery known as gynecomastia, to remove enlarged breast tissue. Phillip Haeck…tells the Health Blog that the condition is extremely distressing to many males, who may avoid ever being seen with their shirt off.

It’s no longer just you, ladies, now men are joining the fray too. It will be interesting to see if certain plastic surgeons begin to specialize in male surgeries as that market becomes more viable on its own.

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