Apr 13

Like the Fashion Industry

Like any industry, there is an important emphasis placed upon local businesses and trends. In Memphis, this article has identified an increased use of plastic surgery procedures amongst Memphians. Plastic surgery is an industry that is constantly in flux because there are always newer trends, like in fashion.

Dr. Gregory Laurence, medical director of Germantown Aesthetics, 7475 Poplar Pike, said he’s seeing increasing numbers of local men and women from all walks of life interested in cosmetic “lunchtime procedures” that typically allow patients to return to work within a day or two.

Dr. Laurence says later in the article that he gets patients as young as twenty-five sometimes. Plastic surgeons in Ohio can attest to the truth of this. Ohio plastic surgeons could probably attest to their own upswing in plastic surgery locally. The entire industry has been surging, in spite of the recent recession.

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