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Helping Patients Look and Feel Better

Plastic Surgeons in Ohio Help Patients Look and Feel Better

A plastic surgeon Ohio residents need is always just one phone call away. That means people with injuries and scars can look and feel better about themselves. Uninjured people can also benefit from plastic surgeons in Ohio. Facial features, breasts and other parts of the body can be altered through plastic surgery to help people look younger and have more self-esteem. The plastic surgeons of Ohio State have the latest skills and tools necessary to perform all the latest procedures.

Cosmetic Procedures

A plastic surgeon Ohio has licensed to perform cosmetic procedures can do all the common surgical and non-surgical procedures. These procedures are not medically necessary, but they help improve the shape and the look of the body so people can have a better self-image. Plastic surgeons in Ohio perform these operation son healthy patients who have a realistic expectation for how they will look and feel after their operation is complete. Candidates for cosmetic procedures should want to do something for themselves, not for someone else. Because of the elective nature of cosmetic operations, health insurance policies normally do not help pay for them.

Examples of Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State perform routine cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation, arm lifts, chin surgeries, dermal fillers, and Botulinum Toxin treatments. However, various other procedures including eyelifts and body contouring are also available. Anyone interested in cosmetic procedures should contact one of the many plastic Surgeons in Ohio to schedule a consultation.

Reconstructive Procedures

Health insurance policies often cover reconstructive treatments to relieve abnormal physical body structures caused by injury, disease, congenital defects and other problems. These procedures generally aim to improve the way the body functions, but also seek to achieve a more acceptable appearance. A variety of medical and physical problems leave the body visibly scarred, so these procedures help people resume a normal life.

Examples of Reconstructive Procedures

A plastic Surgeon Ohio patients see for reconstructive procedures may need hand surgery, scar revision, tissue expansions, cleft lip and palate repair, or one of the many procedures relating to recovery from tumors and skin cancer. Also, women who have had breast cancer often need breast reconstruction surgery so they can resume their normal life. Breast reduction is a common form of reconstructive surgery performed on both men and women.

Learn More from Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State have so many ways to help people who need either cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, the best way to find out how they can help you is to talk to them. If you are unhappy about the way you look, especially as you age, a plastic surgeon Ohio has many cosmetic procedures that can help. If you have experienced injury or sickness that has left your body disfigured, plastic surgeons in Ohio can help you have a better life. Contact the plastic surgeons of Ohio State today to learn more.

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