Jul 31

Getting the Pippa Lift

Pippa Middleton came to the attention of the world during the wedding of her sister Kate Middleton into the Royal Family of England. The event, seen all over the world, made her into a celebrity during the course of just a few minutes. Apparently so many people liked her hind-quarters that the plastic surgery industry has seen a marked rise in butt lifting surgery, which now has a nickname “the Pippa“. Personally, I was more impressed by the Alexander McQueen dress she was wearing, but to each their own.

“The latest craze here in the US and all over the world is to get the ‘Pippa Butt Lift. Once the breast implants reigned supreme, now it is the buttocks that are considered a woman’s best asset,” Miami-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta, told FOX411′s Pop Tarts.

The Pippa Butt Lift can performed by many plastic surgeons in Ohio. It is simply a matter of finding one near you who will do it for the right cost. The plastic surgeons of Ohio State are able to handle many requests.


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