Aug 6

Improving Your Standard of Living Through Plastic Surgery

It is understandable why so many people want to have plastic surgery work done. Increasingly, plastic surgery is being seen as the easier, better, way to make a physical change in your appearance. This is because, by almost all accounts, it is. Plastic surgery is not just for people who want augmented breasts, either, though that is a very popular procedure. It is for taking large bumps out of noses, fixing cleft lips, hiding scars, reducing fat content, and reshaping the ears. All of these might seem like minor issues to those individuals who have never considered them. But, rest assured, those individuals who want these procedures done are not engaging in this because they are bored. They are usually spending thousands of dollars and electing to have surgery done–so it is no small thing to most of them. They are choosing to go into surgery because they really believe that it will improve their standard of living. In almost all cases, they are the only people who can evaluate that and in almost all cases, they report an improvement after having had plastic surgery.

Results May Vary

Plastic surgery has a good reputation in regards to satisfying customers. However, as with all industries, results may vary. This means that one should be sure about the quality of the plastic surgeon doing the work on them. Plastic surgeons in Ohio are very high quality professionals, but one should still do their research first and foremost. Why do research? Well, many people choose not to. Often people will simply look up the nearest plastic surgeon in the phone-book or take the first recommendation a friend throws at them. This is not the way to ensure quality and low cost.

Getting Help From Reviews

Reviews are a great way to explore which plastic surgeon an individual should be going to for help. Reviews give a bit of information that one could not hope to attain from any other source. After all, plastic surgeons in Ohio and their advertisements are not going to readily offer anything that even hints at a negative experience–that would be silly. However, those who want to have plastic surgery done should want to get a full spectrum view of what they can expect. That means they ought to read a few reviews about each plastic surgeon they are considering–before they know anything about their credentials or prices. This is a good way to weed out the worst customer experience and handiwork.

Resources for Interested Readers:


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Jul 19

The Growth of Plastic Surgery Makes Sense

Expansion of Plastic…Surgery

Plastic surgery is a field which has been expanding as of late. This is not because people are getting uglier or are having more accidents, it is because the costs have come down and the social preference is more inclined towards plastic surgery these days. This is not just a guess, it is proven by modern statistics. Just ten years ago, admitting to having had plastic surgery could make even a celebrity a bit of a pariah. Today, this is simply not true–it is a widely accepted fact that many celebrities have had plastic surgery done. None of their reputations suffer from this simple fact. Additionally, many more procedures are being done as a whole. Literally millions of plastic surgery procedures are being done in the United States each year, so it is no surprise that it has become much more socially acceptable. Now virtually everyone at least knows someone who has had some work done.

Not That Simple

Plastic surgery is not as simple of an industry as many people assume. Although there are education and training requirements for every single licensed plastic surgeon out there, it is also a well known fact that one does not just want to meet the minimum requirements when you seek help from a plastic surgeon. You want someone who is actually going to surpass your expectations. Remember that plastic surgery is a field which requires a great deal of skill and knowledge, such that each procedure is different and unique. This factors into the issue of what plastic surgeon you want to use, since you want to be absolutely confident of the quality of work that is going to be done to you, permanently.

The Permanence of Plastic Surgery

Permanence is the key word when it comes to plastic surgery. This is not a situation where you would want to cut corners and save money by sacrificing quality. Sure, the plastic surgery procedure needs to be of very high quality, but one also needs to be able to actually afford the plastic surgeon’s services too. This is the key issue when it comes to hiring a plastic surgeon for any procedure, regardless of how simple or complicated it is. There is a balance that absolutely must be struck when it comes to plastic surgery between the cost and quality of work. Plastic surgeons in Ohio have reasonable prices, so it’s all about finding the right balance. Plastic surgeons of Ohio are competent, highly trained, and educated.

Resources for Readers

The wikipedia page for Plastic Surgery, lots of useful information here.

The website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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Jun 4

Plastic Surgery in The Buckeye State

Those who have injuries or scars often go to plastic surgeons in order to have their disfigurements repaired. However, these days plastic surgery is mostly done in order to help people improve their self-esteem, to physically alter their appearance and perhaps slow the effects of the aging process. Whether it is eyelids, curvature of the nose, size of the breasts, or fullness of the lips, there are a lot of issues which can be addressed by plastic surgery.

Specializing in Procedures

Some of the most common procedures handled by plastic surgeons in Ohio are liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentations, and plenty of others. With so many plastic surgeons in Ohio, it is completely acceptable to have various plastic surgeons specializing in a number of areas. So while the plastic surgeon down the street may be able to do all procedures, he might be a specialist in breast augmentations or in botox injections.

Getting Results

Finding the right plastic surgeon is the key to getting high quality results. The question is–how does one find the right plastic surgeon? There is no 100% correct answer, but there are some general guidelines that can make everything much simpler. Do not just look through the phonebook and dial the first number you find, nor should you just ask a friend or family member and take the suggestion as gospel. In all cases, a consumer should do their homework, but especially in the case of elective surgery, plastic surgery consumers should seek out information and reviews about plastic surgeons in Ohio.

The Source of Information

Plastic surgeons in Ohio are quite numerous. The question isn’t how to find a plastic surgeon, but how to find the right plastic surgeon. Reviews are very helpful in this regard. No one review should be trusted too much, but a group of reviews is generally pretty representative of the overall patient experience at a practice or plastic surgery office.

Some reviews are more authentic than others. Generally speaking, you can discount any reviews which is outlandishly negative or positive. These tend to be fakes. It is also important to know whether the reviews can be offered by anonymous individuals or whether names need to be attached–the latter tend to be more valuable for consumers.

The Best Results

Plastic surgeons in Ohio are generally very talented and experienced professionals. They are skilled at what they do and their services and end products are generally high quality. By informing yourself as a consumer before you actually get the plastic surgery procedures done, you will ensure that you get one of the best plastic surgeons in Ohio.

Links for Consumers

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May 11

Plastic Surgeon Coverage and Search

There are a myriad of reason why someone would want to find the perfect plastic surgeons in Ohio. Some people have had serious accidents and need reconstructive surgery, so they might go looking for qualified plastic surgeons of Ohio State to help them restore what was lost. Others may simply be unhappy with a specific body part and want to plastic surgery just to feel better about the way they look.

Below is a list of things to consider prior to seeing a Plastic Surgeon Ohio houses or one in any other state and having work done:

Is procedure covered by Insurance?

Plastic surgeons in Ohio as in any other state will need to be paid for their services. If a person needs to visit a plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery that isn’t medically necessary it is likely that it won’t be covered by insurance. The best thing for a patient to do is check with the insurance company to verify whether or not the procedure they are to have will be covered by insurance. For example, a person who has had a double mastectomy may be covered by their insurance for breast augmentation surgery while the person who wants to go up a bra size will probably be paying out of pocket.

What are the health risks?

Anytime a person is going into surgery there are risks. Thankfully, the plastic surgeons of Ohio State along with other reputable plastic surgeons in the area are familiar with doing these procedures and confident in their ability. Each qualified plastic surgeon Ohio has is going to make a patient aware of the risks involved with any surgery. The main point is that any person who will have a procedure done by plastic surgeons in Ohio should due their due diligence and be educated on any side effects and risks associated with the procedure.

Is support available?

It is important to find out ahead of time who will be assigned to help a patient during their recovery period. That last thing one would want is to have a procedure done by one of the best plastic surgeons of Ohio State and then having no aftercare arranged. Speak to any family member or close friend who might be a potential candidate to see if they are available. If there is no one available hiring a private nurse is an option. Whether a person just needs help changing their bandages or someone to help them go to the restroom, arrangements should be made prior to going in for the procedure.

Every plastic surgeon Ohio has will be on the list of potential doctor’s to perform the procedure. But in the end each person will have to select the plastic surgeon that is best suited for them.

For more information check out the links below:

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Apr 1

Ohio Has A Wealth of Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons in Ohio are skilled in boosting the self-confidence of patients through surgery. After plastic surgery, patients feel more confident and have a better outlook on life. Many plastic surgeons in Ohio come highly recommended and are board-certified. These people can perform procedures according to rigorous standards and yield incredible results. Speak with plastic surgeons of Ohio State to learn more about options available in the world of cosmetic surgery.

Types of Procedures Performed by Plastic Surgeons in Ohio

Most plastic surgeons in Ohio are proficient in numerous areas of plastic surgery. Experts recommend selecting a plastic surgeon Ohio who is skilled in more than one area. Botox is a common procedure but is not without risks. A plastic surgeon Ohio administering Botox should also be skilled in more invasive procedures. Versatility ensures a plastic surgeon Ohio understands the body’s anatomy and reduces risk for error. Other procedures include: Facelifts, breast augmentations, buttocks lifts, liposuction, laser resurfacing and countless other procedures.

What to Expect From a Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon in Ohio

Plastic surgeons in Ohio begin all procedures with consultations to determine each patient’s needs. Mental health is also evaluated to determine if patients have realistic expectations of the procedure. Surgeons will also determine if patients have appropriate motivations. During the consultation, areas of interest will be identified and a plan of action will be determined. Surgeons and patients will know ahead of time what to expect after surgery is completed.

What to Expect During Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgeons of Ohio State ensure their patients understand all aspects plastic surgery. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia may be required for patient comfort. Patients may also have some dietary restrictions or sun exposure restrictions before and after plastic surgery. Every procedure will be accompanied by a set of expectations during surgery.

Select Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State with Board Certifications to Improve the Likelihood of Successful Surgery

Board certifications signify the proficiency of plastic surgeons of Ohio State. The process is often rigorous but worth the effort. These credentials alone provide a certain level of security. The success rate of board-certified surgeons is typically in the ninetieth percentile or better. Along with certifications, verify their training to ensure the surgery does not have complications.

Select a Plastic Surgeon Ohio for a Future Plastic Surgery Procedure

Select a plastic surgeon Ohio for any future procedure. Many surgeons are skilled and affordable. Perform due diligence prior to selection to ensure clients receive proper care. With adequate research and referrals, the best surgeons for procedures will be located.


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Mar 1

The Benefits of An Ohio Plastic Surgeon

A Plastic Surgeon Ohio offers a number of benefits to patients considering plastic surgery. While the external benefits are clear, the internal benefits can mean much more. Renewed confidence, increased self-acceptance, and a positive feeling about life in general are often reported by patients after an elective procedure.

Symmetry and Balance

Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State can help make a body more symmetrical and balanced. A Plastic Surgeon Ohio has the training to alter breasts, facial features, hips and other body parts to make them closer in appearance to the rest of the body. For example, a patient may feel self-conscious about a nose that is too large for their face. Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State know how to change their nose to make it more proportional to their face and bone structure.

Play Sports

Plastic Surgeons in Ohio help patients look healthier. Procedures like liposuction or breast augmentation often allow people to play sports or participate in activities they may not have been able to previously. This change in lifestyle will have a positive impact on their health and total outlook.

Increased Self Esteem

Physical changes can have dramatic effects. Perhaps a person has been teased their whole life about a certain physical characteristic. A Plastic Surgeons in Ohio consultation will show them how surgery may allow them to lose the feeling of being different from their peers. Plastic Surgeons Ohio can help them move forward in life.

Popular Procedures

Some of the more popular procedures offered by Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State include:

–Liposuction- when diet and exercise have done as much as possible, Plastic Surgeons in Ohio offer various liposuction options.

–Breast Augmentation- while increasing the bust line is the most common breast augmentation, a Plastic Surgeon Ohio handles a number of breast reductions each year as well.

–Facelift- a facelift by Plastic Surgeons in Ohio refreshes the skin and helps patients look as young as they feel.

–Butt Implants- every year more patients choose to have butt implant surgery, creating great curves that nature forgot.

–Tummy Tuck- this procedure by a Plastic Surgeon Ohio takes away excess skin from the tummy and abdominal areas.

Surge in Confidence

According to WebMD, plastic surgery has grown dramatically over the last few years. More and more people want to look their best, no matter their age. While plastic surgery is not a cure-all, and should not be taken lightly, it can provide a surge in confidence and an overall sense of well-being. Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State see these benefits in patients every day.

Additional Resources:

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Feb 1

Using the Right Surgeons in the Buckeye State

Plastic Surgeons in Ohio

The decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure should be carefully planned and evaluated well in advance. Making a hasty decision to have a facelift, breast implantations or body lift could result in less than desirable results if the wrong physician is selected. Not all plastic surgeons in Ohio, for example, hold the same level of accreditation and are established to perform identical procedures. Some doctors may have extensive experience in facial surgery while others are fully accredited to perform all types of reconstructive procedures. Taking the time to evaluate credentials, accreditation, experience and surgical methods helps ensure successful results for the patient.

How to Choose Plastic Surgeons in Ohio

The first step when choosing a reliable plastic surgeon is to evaluate the type of service being requested. A plastic surgeon Ohio is typically certified according to their medical expertise in the field. Doctors specializing in eye surgery, for example, may be qualified for eyelifts or only certain levels of facial surgery. Reconstructive surgery including implants requires a plastic surgeon with a full level of medical licensing. The patient should always make sure that the physician is board certified and has the proper credentials and experience to perform a specific type of surgery.

Another important aspect of selecting plastic surgeons of Ohio State involves reviewing where the procedure will be performed. Physicians who are affiliated with a local hospital and who complete their services in a certified surgical facility often provide a higher degree of safety for their patients. Board certified anesthesiologists should also be employed during the procedure if the patient is required to undergo full anesthesia. A plastic surgeon Ohio should have a staff that includes qualified surgical assistants and access to state-of-the-art hospital and laboratory equipment.

Benefits of Using Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State

Follow-up visits are almost always required after plastic surgery and can be expensive if other costs such as hotel rooms, meals and transportation are needed. By selecting plastic surgeons in Ohio that are close to home, if any complications occur it will be easier to make a quick visit to the doctor’s office. The physician may also have local references that can be contacted for additional information about a procedure. Healing is normally easier in a home environment and many surgical procedures only require out-patient care.

A good plastic surgeon should be available before and after the procedure to answer any questions about the surgical methods being used, recovery time, rehabilitation care and future treatment plans. All issues regarding finances should also be discussed well in advance of the procedure and arrangements made for payment before the date of surgery.

Additional Information This website contains a helpful summary of how to choose plastic surgeons of Ohio State or other regions.

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Dec 31

Finding the Right Surgeon in Ohio

Providing Services for Those in Need

Plastic surgeons in Ohio provide many services for clients including cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks. Many surgeons are not really qualified for surgical procedures below the neck and patients should research plastic surgeons of Ohio before choosing an accredited surgeon to perform demanding procedures. Ear, nose and throat doctors, dermatologists and some dentists sometimes perform breast augmentations and liposuction when they are not fully qualified to do so. A qualified plastic surgeon Ohio is certified for cosmetic facial procedures and more demanding surgeries below the neck.

Plastic Surgeon Ohio Accreditation

Plastic surgeons in Ohio have trained extensively to perform demanding surgeries and are accredited by several professional organizations. The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) certifies surgeons to perform plastic surgery and reconstruction services anywhere on the body. When a doctor is certified by this organization, consumers can rest assured that the surgeon has at least five years of surgical training and has passed comprehensive testing for all plastic surgery procedures. Plastic surgeons of Ohio State may also be members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS). Members of this organization must first be certified by the ABPS. Only 97 percent of qualified plastic surgeons of Ohio State belong to the second group due to high membership dues, but the organization does require that all surgeries be performed in approved surgical facilities, a fact which consumers may want to keep in mind.

Unqualified Practitioners

Those medical practitioners who are not certified by the American Board are not fully qualified to perform surgery below the neck. These surgeries often involve greater health risks and patients can risk complications and botched operations if their surgeon is not fully qualified. Unfortunately, many dentists and other medical personnel seek the financial rewards of lucrative plastic surgery procedures and offer patients discounted rates for popular breast augmentations and tummy tucks. The American Board of Plastic Surgery should always certify a plastic surgeon Ohio; this accreditation guarantees the surgeon is fully qualified for all reconstructive work.

Non-invasive Techniques by Plastic Surgeons in Ohio

Modern surgeons can perform many surgeries with endoscopic techniques. Technological advances allow surgeons to make smaller incisions and insert cameras under the skin to help guide the surgical process. This results in minimal scarring and reduces the chances for post-operative infection. Endoscopic surgery was first pioneered in France and has since become accepted medical practice, especially in the field of plastic surgery, where scarring can be a major concern for patients. The miniature cameras reproduce the image of the surgical area in high definition on a large screen, enhancing the effectiveness of surgery and creating a less invasive and more aesthetically pleasing result for patients. Those patients who desire the safest procedures should choose plastic surgeons of Ohio State that are certified by the American Board and who employ the latest endoscopic techniques. Further information about plastic surgery qualifications and endoscopic surgery can be found at these websites:

Links for Interested Readers

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Nov 29

Helping Patients Look and Feel Better

Plastic Surgeons in Ohio Help Patients Look and Feel Better

A plastic surgeon Ohio residents need is always just one phone call away. That means people with injuries and scars can look and feel better about themselves. Uninjured people can also benefit from plastic surgeons in Ohio. Facial features, breasts and other parts of the body can be altered through plastic surgery to help people look younger and have more self-esteem. The plastic surgeons of Ohio State have the latest skills and tools necessary to perform all the latest procedures.

Cosmetic Procedures

A plastic surgeon Ohio has licensed to perform cosmetic procedures can do all the common surgical and non-surgical procedures. These procedures are not medically necessary, but they help improve the shape and the look of the body so people can have a better self-image. Plastic surgeons in Ohio perform these operation son healthy patients who have a realistic expectation for how they will look and feel after their operation is complete. Candidates for cosmetic procedures should want to do something for themselves, not for someone else. Because of the elective nature of cosmetic operations, health insurance policies normally do not help pay for them.

Examples of Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State perform routine cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation, arm lifts, chin surgeries, dermal fillers, and Botulinum Toxin treatments. However, various other procedures including eyelifts and body contouring are also available. Anyone interested in cosmetic procedures should contact one of the many plastic Surgeons in Ohio to schedule a consultation.

Reconstructive Procedures

Health insurance policies often cover reconstructive treatments to relieve abnormal physical body structures caused by injury, disease, congenital defects and other problems. These procedures generally aim to improve the way the body functions, but also seek to achieve a more acceptable appearance. A variety of medical and physical problems leave the body visibly scarred, so these procedures help people resume a normal life.

Examples of Reconstructive Procedures

A plastic Surgeon Ohio patients see for reconstructive procedures may need hand surgery, scar revision, tissue expansions, cleft lip and palate repair, or one of the many procedures relating to recovery from tumors and skin cancer. Also, women who have had breast cancer often need breast reconstruction surgery so they can resume their normal life. Breast reduction is a common form of reconstructive surgery performed on both men and women.

Learn More from Plastic Surgeons

Plastic Surgeons of Ohio State have so many ways to help people who need either cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, the best way to find out how they can help you is to talk to them. If you are unhappy about the way you look, especially as you age, a plastic surgeon Ohio has many cosmetic procedures that can help. If you have experienced injury or sickness that has left your body disfigured, plastic surgeons in Ohio can help you have a better life. Contact the plastic surgeons of Ohio State today to learn more.

Plastic surgery for 2: Couples grow young together

Nip, Tuck and Beyond: the face of plastic surgery today

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Oct 25

Choosing Only the Best

The Importance of Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeons in Ohio

The importance of finding a qualified and skilled plastic surgeons in Ohio cannot be overstated. Cosmetic surgery procedures, while they may be voluntary, require the skill and talent of a physician who has the credentials that demonstrate his or her mastery of the standard and modern methods. Consumers of cosmetic surgery have a greater ability today to research the qualifications of their plastic surgeon Ohio. Ohio consumers, for example, can compile a list of professionals in their area and conduct a background check to select a qualified surgeon for their procedure.

State Requirements

Many states, including Ohio, do not require plastic surgeons in Ohio to be licensed as a cosmetic or plastic surgeon Ohio. This means that a physician trained and licensed as a pediatrician is able to perform cosmetic surgeries in the state. It is up to the consumer to determine if the plastic surgeons of Ohio State have the specific training and qualifications in cosmetic procedures to perform their surgery.

Board Certification

Consumers can begin with the state medical board to determine if the plastic surgeons in Ohio on their list are licensed with the state board to practice medicine in the state. In addition to licensing in the state to practice medicine, a qualified cosmetic surgeon should be credentialed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties. Credentialing by this agency ensures the plastic surgeon Ohio has completed the education, training and residency requirements for a skilled plastic surgeon. Ohio physicians who are members of this organization have met the strict credentialing requirements of the board.


Individuals seeking a cosmetic surgery procedure can also examine the physician’s experience in cosmetic procedures. Some doctors may specialize in a particular area such as liposuction or implant surgery. These physicians may gain a considerable amount of experience in those specialty procedures, but may not have experience in other areas. It’s a good idea to inquire about the physician’s experience in the particular area of cosmetic surgery when conducting research.


References can also provide information on the plastic surgeon’s skills and qualifications in cosmetic surgery procedures. While the physician will likely show new patients before and after photographs, new clients can take it a step further and ask for the names of patients who would be willing to provide a reference. Research online may also uncover past patients of the doctor. Consumers should ask about the physician’s after care treatment, as well, when checking the background of plastic surgeons of Ohio State.

Before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can be dangerous. Complications from anesthesia, infection and damage can occur with an unqualified surgeon. To ensure the best results from a cosmetic procedure, it is always wise to take some time and conduct a thorough background check of the physicians and plastic surgeons of Ohio State. It can ensure the patient receives the best possible care before, during and after the procedure.

U.S. News and World Report: Check Plastic Surgeon’s Credentials or Risk Tragic Results, Experts Warn
USA Today: Considering plastic surgery? Check credentials

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Sep 30

Picking the Right Plastic Surgeon For You

Plastic Surgeons Ohio: Making the Right Selection

Many people have grown to embrace the idea of undergoing plastic surgery. This type of surgery is diverse and covers different areas of the body. Most use plastic surgery as an avenue to make corrections on defects or abnormalities that are imminent on their bodies. Others simply take on plastic surgery as a way to add on to their beauty. There are those who are discontent with the appearance of certain parts of the body and hence would love to have this altered to look different. Doctors may recommend plastic surgery in certain cases like deformations caused by accidents and even obese people can use this platform to get rid of the excess weight. Irrespective of the reason behind having the plastic surgery done, patients generally have their self esteem and confidence boosted. When deciding on the plastic surgeons of Ohio State, there are certain factors that one should keep in mind.

Scope of work

When researching upon the plastic surgeons in Ohio, it is imperative to try and identify the surgeon’s specialization. It is worth mentioning that the plastic surgeon Ohio professionals specialize in varying areas. This will assist one in determining the particular kind of surgery that this specialist can handle. Rhinoplasty is one example of the areas of specialization that some of the plastic surgeons of Ohio engage in.

Level of Expertise

Selecting a plastic surgeons in Ohio can prove to be a daunting task especially when it comes to determining the level of expertise. It is always advisable to deal with a surgeon who has a high success rate in his or her area of work. First and foremost, one should take time to find out if the surgeon has been fully accredited and possesses the proper licenses. This can be done by contacting the relevant authorization bodies in Ohio online. The Plastic surgeon Ohio requires having the proper documentation in order to practice. One should ensure that he or she is informed about the number of years the plastic surgeon of Ohio has practiced.

The Costs

The reality is that cosmetic surgery does not come cheap. Plastic surgeons in Ohio charge varying rates for the procedures which makes it important to carry out some research. One should take time to get different quotations for comparison purposes. However, it is important to note that cheap is not always the best. Therefore, as much as one is drawn to the lowest cost, ensure that value for money is achieved. With cosmetic surgery, taking chance can prove costly in the long run.

The Role of Reviews

Plastic surgeon Ohio reviews are in plenty on the internet. Those interested can simply log in and using the search engine read reviews from others who have used the services. This will provide a good road map or guideline when it comes to deciding upon the best plastic surgeons of Ohio State to use.

Relying on first impressions is highly discouraged. This makes it important for one to make all the necessary verifications that are required in a bid to determine the most appropriate plastic surgeons of Ohio State to utilize. Get properly informed on the doctor’s expertise, qualifications and accreditation.


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Aug 30

The Many Steps of Finding An Ohioan Surgeon

Interviewing Plastic Surgeons in Ohio

One of the most important steps in finding the best plastic surgeon Ohio has to offer is setting up an appointment to discuss the surgery and the physician’s expertise. During the initial consultation, the patient has a unique opportunity to interview the doctor to determine if he or she will perform the procedure. Once patients make the decision to have a plastic surgery procedure, finding a surgeon who has the skills and knowledge to perform the procedure safely and expertly is essential. Plastic surgeons in Ohio must meet the licensing requirements of the state, but that does not necessarily mean they are the right doctor for the procedure.


Some of the plastic surgeons Ohio State has to offer specialize in a particular procedure or area. For example, the physician may perform facial surgeries only and others may specialize in body procedures such as breast augmentation. Choosing plastic surgeons in Ohio that specialize in a particular type of procedure can indicate the doctor has expertise and is up to date on advances in the particular surgery type.

Education of the Surgeon

The plastic surgeon Ohio state license requires the cosmetic surgeon to have the same credentials and education as every type of medical doctor. Physicians must go through an undergraduate education, which in most cases is a four-year degree, four years of medical school, internship and a residency program to qualify for a license to practice medicine. While checking the plastic surgeons Ohio State license, ask the physician about his or her education to learn the schools attended and the location of the residency program. The doctor must also adhere to continuing education requirements to maintain state licensure. The patient should ask how the continuing education requirement is fulfilled to ensure the doctor is up to date on the latest innovations in the field of plastic surgery.

Hospital Affiliation

During the physician interview, ask the doctor the plastic surgeon Ohio medical facility he or she uses to perform procedures. Make sure the facility is an accredited location to ensure safety during the procedure. The plastic surgeons in Ohio should use state of the art facilities with a good track record for patient care.

Satisfied Patients

Patients should not be afraid to ask the plastic surgeons Ohio State licenses for a list of satisfied patients. The doctor should be able to produce several patients who will give a good recommendation. The patient should research further to determine if the physician has any dissatisfied patients as well. The state medical board should be able to provide information on problems the plastic surgeon may have had with patients in the past.

Professional Affiliations

In addition to a state license, education and affiliation with an accredited medical facility, the patient should inquire about the doctor’s professional affiliations. Professional affiliations include membership in a reputable professional organization, such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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Jul 31

Getting the Pippa Lift

Pippa Middleton came to the attention of the world during the wedding of her sister Kate Middleton into the Royal Family of England. The event, seen all over the world, made her into a celebrity during the course of just a few minutes. Apparently so many people liked her hind-quarters that the plastic surgery industry has seen a marked rise in butt lifting surgery, which now has a nickname “the Pippa“. Personally, I was more impressed by the Alexander McQueen dress she was wearing, but to each their own.

“The latest craze here in the US and all over the world is to get the ‘Pippa Butt Lift. Once the breast implants reigned supreme, now it is the buttocks that are considered a woman’s best asset,” Miami-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta, told FOX411′s Pop Tarts.

The Pippa Butt Lift can performed by many plastic surgeons in Ohio. It is simply a matter of finding one near you who will do it for the right cost. The plastic surgeons of Ohio State are able to handle many requests.


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Jul 19

Couples Getting Procedures Done Together

The latest and greatest trend in the plastic surgery industry is couples going to receive plastic surgery together. This is a trend that is highly marketable. Women are already far more likely to get plastic surgery, making it popular for women to bring in their husbands or boyfriends is a stroke of marketing genius. With that said, it’s sort of the logical thing to do–often they go as a couple anyway, so that both of the individuals are involved. So, why not have both individuals get procedures done? Plastic surgeons in Ohio State ought to try offering specials for this sort of dual-procedure.

Business for plastic surgery centers is coming in pairs as more couples undergo elective plastic surgery at the same time.Physicians at the Fort Worth Plastic Surgery Center said they see more couples coming in together to get procedures. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Americans spent nearly $10.7 billion on procedures in 2010, up 9 percent from the year before.

I like the reason the guy in the article gives–he just wants to keep up with the advancing beauty of his wife. Not only is the answer reasonable, the wife will love it I’m sure. The other fact that I found interesting in the article was about the growth of procedures amongst males–an increase of 88% since 1997. Plastic surgeons in Ohio can attest to this fact, I’m sure.

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Jun 30

Not the Breast Idea

Calgary is awash with debate over this promotional content. The radio station is holding a contest, the prize for winning is a breast augmentation. If that isn’t controversial enough, in order to win you have to submit a picture of yourself and voters will rate you. There has been some debate over whether the advertisement and promotional contest are sexist.

The “Breast Summer Ever” contest, launched Monday by 90.3 Amp Radio, asks entrants to upload a photo of themselves and a statement about why they should win a free boob job valued at $10,000.

The top 10 finalists will be announced on July 7, and will then compete for online votes to win the grand prize.

Honestly, I’m sure the controversial nature of the promotion is exactly what the radio station had in mind when they created it. Several individuals in the article call it demeaning, but it’s also a contest you must enter in order to compete in–so it’s self selection. My question, do the plastic surgeons of Ohio find this sexist or wrong in any way? I would think Ohio plastic surgeons wouldn’t have a problem with it. The U.S. is known for edgy advertising.

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Jun 17

Plastic Surgeons of Ohio and Their Niches

The industry of plastic surgery is constantly in flux. As it grows, it must learn to cope with new demands, needs, and niches. For example, some doctors only handle minimally invasive procedures, now, while other specialize in surgery. Some plastic surgeons will handle only liposuction, while others choose to only handle breast augmentation and consider themselves experts in that field.

One of the newest trends to hit the plastic surgery industry is the traveling doctor. In old days this was common–medical doctors roamed from town to town and made in-house visits, rather than having a central location to whom the patients traveled. Now, plastic surgeons in demand will fly around the country to their clients in order to make their services available. This is an example of a specific niche need that is being filled by certain doctors that probably did not exist just a couple of years ago.

Plastic surgery is an important industry because it has continued to grow, even through the recession. This means that it is an industry that has real potential for long term growth, particularly as it becomes more socially acceptable to have a procedure done for whatever reason. Any Ohio plastic surgeon looking to fill a niche need will have to move quickly, the industry is evolving quicker than many people would have imagined. The plastic surgeons of Ohio are a fine group of skilled professionals.

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May 27

Male Specialists

You can always count on the Wall Street Journal to do their homework and give you an article worth reading. Plastic surgeons Ohio have plenty to read about in their industry, but this is easily one of the most interesting pieces of literature I’ve perused over the last month or so. Females are generally understood to be the demographic of Ohio plastic surgeons, as well as the rest of the industry outside of Ohio too. However, the article points out that men are a growing prospective clientele.

While many men are looking to correct facial features such as sagging chins, wrinkles and droopy eyelids, men are also turning to cosmetic procedures for other parts of the body to achieve a trimmer and more masculine appearance.  For example, there was a 6% increase last year in the number of men who had surgery known as gynecomastia, to remove enlarged breast tissue. Phillip Haeck…tells the Health Blog that the condition is extremely distressing to many males, who may avoid ever being seen with their shirt off.

It’s no longer just you, ladies, now men are joining the fray too. It will be interesting to see if certain plastic surgeons begin to specialize in male surgeries as that market becomes more viable on its own.

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May 19

Unsurprising Trend

The ASPS, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is one of the most respected authorities on matters relating to plastic surgery, so it is no surprise when they commission polls that tell us something new and exciting about the industry. Their latest survey confirms a suspicion that plastic surgeons Ohio have long held, which is that more men are making use of the plastic surgery industry.

The results of the survey, conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS),  are surprising. Most Americans are presumably still reeling from the bad economy. But the belt-tightening apparently didn’t include men who wanted to really do some belt-tightening. Male liposuction procedures increased 7 percent from 2009.

The ASPS says men underwent 1.1 million procedures in 2010 – an increase of 2 percent.

Face lifts appear to be the single operation which made the largest gains amongst males. This is a trend that is culturally shocking, but which makes all the sense in the world. Men make up a smaller portion of the market, so it is easier for them to make gains. With the ever-increasing acceptance of these procedures, it is no wonder that more men, by percentage, than women chose to have some work done. Any Ohio plastic surgeon probably could have predicted this trend. Ohio plastic surgeons, to their credit, tend to understand their customers quite well.

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Apr 25

Old Becomes New

There is a new craze, or is it an old one, sweeping the plastic surgery industry. Acupuncture is an old practice, but it has become a new craze for individuals who want to gain energy and improve their look, to turn to acupuncture. While not everyone feels the same about acupuncture, one cannot deny that it seems to have some effect on how people feel and how they perceive themselves to look.

He places needles in precise locations on the face. “What we are trying to do is create a Micro-trauma under the skin to take advantage of the body’s natural healing process,” said Bernard.

“Just as your skin heals from a cut, to heal from these tiny needle sticks your body starts making more collagen, which fills in wrinkles.” Cosmetic acupuncture has another benefit too. According to Bernard, the procedure wakes up the nerve and gives a natural lifting effect.

The lines on your face can, according to this article, be smoothed out by utilizing acupuncture. This is apparently becoming more and more popular amongst those individuals who do not want to inject botox or go under the knife. Most plastic surgeons Ohio do not practice acupuncture, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere in the area. Ohio plastic surgeons have been recognized as respected professionals in their respective fields.

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Apr 13

Like the Fashion Industry

Like any industry, there is an important emphasis placed upon local businesses and trends. In Memphis, this article has identified an increased use of plastic surgery procedures amongst Memphians. Plastic surgery is an industry that is constantly in flux because there are always newer trends, like in fashion.

Dr. Gregory Laurence, medical director of Germantown Aesthetics, 7475 Poplar Pike, said he’s seeing increasing numbers of local men and women from all walks of life interested in cosmetic “lunchtime procedures” that typically allow patients to return to work within a day or two.

Dr. Laurence says later in the article that he gets patients as young as twenty-five sometimes. Plastic surgeons in Ohio can attest to the truth of this. Ohio plastic surgeons could probably attest to their own upswing in plastic surgery locally. The entire industry has been surging, in spite of the recent recession.

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Apr 11

Plastic Surgeons Ohio

Plastic Surgeons

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